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DAE AS200U-75 3/4 inch Potable Water Meter, Measuring in Gallon + Couplings
Badger 5/8 M25 Water Meter Rebuild Kit
Neptune Water Meter 5/8 T-10 Rebuild Kit
Badger 5/8x3/4 M25 Brass Water Meter
For gas users, a new option
The others include NOVEC Energy Solutions Inc. in Manassas and Herndon-based Washington Gas Energy Services. In addition, two companies sell natural gas to Columbia’s commercial and industrial customers. Before deregulation, utilities charged ...
ZBB Energy Joint Venture Partner Meineng Energy Completes Third-Party Compliance Validation of ZBB EnerStore Battery
Meineng customizes the system design proposal to meet specific requirements for applications such as wind and solar renewable energy, distributed storage for commercial and industrial facilities, utility scale peak power support, telecommunications and ...
UPDATE 1-Spain's Gas Natural profit rises on business abroad
Shares rise 2.3 pct, recovering from recent declines (Adds details and background) MADRID, July 23 (Reuters) - Spanish utility Gas ... power market and higher taxes at home. The company's electricity distribution business has been hit by falling ...
Boulder residents may vote again on city power utility
Boulder’s city council is scheduled to vote next week on moving forward to buy — or condemn — Xcel Energy Inc.’s power ... utility can meet or beat Xcel’s electricity rates and its portfolio mix of renewable and fossil fuels used ...
Duquesne Light and West Penn Power meet state mandate to reduce energy consumption
Other utilities, such as Duquesne Light and FirstEnergy's other electric companies in Pennsylvania, relied heavily on outside contractors to carry out programs. Things that would have been obvious to a consultant doing the work full-time were missed by ...
ABB Amco Kent Elster water meter 5/8 bottom and liner
Jones Stephens 27" Water Meter Key
BADGER M-25 Water Meter Parts Bottom Plate/Cap 5/8"
Sensus or Rockwell SRII 5/8" Brass Water Meter Used - Working
Badger Water Meter Iron Bottom 1/2” & 3/4” Steampunk
5/8" Badger Model 25 Bottom plate with gasket
New C700 ABB Amco Kent Elster water meter 1" bottom rebuild plate 5 1/2 Badger?
Badger Model 25 Water Meter Pulse Register And Remote Package. Gallons
Elster Amco C700 5/8 x 3/4 Direct read Bronze Water Meter with REMOTE NEW
Water Meter Remote Pulse Style Works With Badger Neptune Amco
mueller systems water meter model 442 v0hs2925 3/4
Zurn Pex QQE66GX Elbow 90 Degrees New
(2) Zurn BFP-9 Vacuum Breaker Hose Bibb New
Schlumberger Gallus 2000 G1.6 Diaphragm Gas Meter Free Shipping!
DAE AS130U-50 1/2" Potable Water Meter, Measuring in Gallon + Couplings
Elster Amco C700 5/8 x 3/4 Direct read Bronze Water Meter BRAND NEW
Sensus or Rockwell SRII 5/8" Brass Water Meter, NO COVER - Need to be Cleaned
DAE C-75 1pcs 3/4" Water Meter Coupling, Swivel Nut x Male NPT
DAE AS250U-100 1 inch Potable Water Meter, Measured in Gallon + Couplings
Badger Model 170 Water Meter Pulse Register And Remote Package. Gallons
Elster American Meter AC-250 class meter, New in box
Vintage Bird 178 Solid Brass Water Meter Lid Key Handle
CO-10 Electronic Pulse Counter (Updated Version of CL-6CL)
140 brand new water meters Neptune in the Box 5/8 residential
mueller H-15403 1”x3/4” compression unions
mueller H-15403 compression unions
Master Meter FAM Series Axis Water Meter, 3/4"
3/4 Water meter horns .3/4" Male NPT.For Use With Standard 7.5" Length (Mueller)
Water Meter Remote Pulse Style Works With Badger Neptune Amco
3/4" Water Meter Coupling Set with Idler or Spacer Tube for 5/8" x 3/4" Meter
ABB Amco Kent Elster water meter 5/8 bottom and liner and Bolts
Neptune 2" T-10 Water Meter Direct Reading
Rockwell SR II Water Meter New Old Stock Never Used Reads Cubic Feet No Res
1-1/2" Lead-free Brass Meter Flange Kit
Sensus/ Rockwell 5/8 SR Water Meter Rebuild Kit
Mueller 5/8 x 3/4 420 Series Composite Water Meter, SSR Encoder Register Gallons
3/4"20mm Heavy Duty Brass Flow Measure Tape Water Meter Copper Cold Dry Counter
American Meter gas meter AC-250, MAOP 5psi
Neptune 5/8x1/2 T-10 Direct Read Water Meter NSF61
Romet RM2000 SC Rotary Gas Meter Ansi 125 FF 2in*
DAE AS200U-75R 3/4 inch Hot Water Meter, Measuring in Gallon + Couplings
VTG Rockwell PITTSBURGH, PA 3" Brass Water Meter PAPERWEIGHT Steampunk
NEPTUNE Water Meter Valve Register locking pin LOWEST PRICE 25 pcs New(Plastic)
Elster American Meter AC-250 Residential Commercial Gas Meter 5 Or 10PSIG Max.
New Elster Amco C700 5/8 X 3/4 Direct Read Poly Water Meter NSF61
1/2" x 1/4" Wrot/ACR Solder Joint Copper Flush Bushing ,PartNo C75362 JonesSteph
0.75" Pipe Gas Meter Manage Utility Bills Natural Gas Boiler or Space Heater #40
Mueller P-25028 250N 300 Ball Corporation Valve 3/4" CTS Tubing New
Mueller 5/8 x 3/4 Composite Water Meter, SSR Encoder Register Gallons +Couplings
Steampunk Industrial Art Deco Vintage Uni-Seal Fog-Tite Meter Seal Water Meter
Dake 3002A-LF Lead Free Brass Water Meter Coupling, 3/4" Tailpiece and Nut
Brass Water Meter Box Key DF Patina Used
Neptune Water Meter ARB Box
5 New NEPTUNE Water Meter Register locking pin (Plastic) T-10
NEW Neptune T-10 5/8" Water Meter
DAE MJ-75 Lead Free Potable Water Meter, 3/4" NPT Couplings, Pulse Output+Gallon
1/2" 90° Plastic White PEX Elbow, Lead Free,PartNo C76702 JonesStephens
Water Meter Idler or Spacer Tube for 1" Size Meter, PVC, 10.75" long
National Brand High Quality Alternative Steel Off On Water Supply Meter Key
Water Meter Apartment Rental Campground Trailer Park 5/8x 3/4
15mm Plastic Single Flow Dry Cold Water Table Home Water Measuring Meter
PKG 4 (+2 FREE) 3/4" x 1/8" Water Meter Gasket Washers fits 5/8" x 3/4" meters
Neptune 3/4 T-10 Water Meter Rebuild Kit
1/2" Water Meter Coupling, LEAD-FREE Brass 5/8" Swivel Coupling nut x 1/2" NPT
15mm Single Flow Dry Cold Water Meter Measuring Water Table Counter Garden Home
Vintage Antique Brass ROCKWELL Water Meter Lid Pittsburgh STEAMPUNK Industrial
10 Lot Security Lead wire meter Seals 7/16"cc
AMCO 1" C700 Water Meter Direct Reading Cubic Feet. NSF 61
Hersey 1" 452 Water Meter Direct Reading Cubic Feet
Sensus SR 1" Bronze Water Meter SR DR 10G 4W2B Brand New
Corad Water Meter 5/8" x 3/4" Magnetic Gallons "Isreal"
Sensus 5/8x3/4 SR Direct Reading In Gallons
5/8x3/4 Copper Mueller Meter Setter With 1" Yoke
Jones Stephens 5/8" Water Meter Coupling
Neptune 11/2 T-10 Water Meter Direct Reading
Sensus 1" SR2 Water Meter Direct Reading
2" Lead-free Brass Water Meter Flange Connection Kit For 2" Meter, w/bolts, gkts
Badger Meter M25 5/8x3/4 CUBIC FEET read
Hersey Model 430, 5/8 Water Meter
Vtg Neptune Meter Co. Trident Water Meter Cover Lid #25971, Brass or Bronze?
Water Meter Idler or Spacer Tube for 5/8" x 3/4" Size Meter PVC, 7.5" long
5" Stainless Steel Cleanout/Extension Covers Wall Mount (24 gauge),PartNo C90015
New Neptune r900i 5/8 T-10 Brass Water Meter Radio Read E-Coder
Sensus iPERL® Smart Water Digital Meter (3/4" S)
3/4" Water Meter Gasket Washer, 2 sets (4 pc) for 5/8 x 3/4 or 3/4" water meters
Vintage Neptune Trident Brass Water Meter Antique
2" Lead-free Brass Meter Flange Kit
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Gas well in the Gulf catches fire after blowout
Meanwhile, officials stressed that Tuesday’s blowout wouldn’t be close to as damaging as the 2010 BP oil spill, in which an oil rig, the Deepwater Horizon, exploded off the Louisiana coast, killing 11 workers and eventually spewing millions ...
Israel’s Deepest Well Targets 1.5 Billion Barrels of Oil
Shemen Oil & Gas ... energy deposits has been technology -- developed in places like the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and Brazil -- to drill in deeper waters and further under the seabed. The Leviathan oil well will be drilled in 1,600 meters of water ...
Collision Between Water and Energy Is Underway, and Worsening
Renewable energy generally uses far less water ... As coal use plummets, there could be serious water savings under a business-as-usual scenario, because most new power plants would use recirculated or dry cooling and gas-fired power plants ...
ThermoEnergy and STW Resources Transform Oil & Gas Produced/Flowback Water into Fresh Water in the Permian Basin
Successful Pilot Test of TurboFrac® Produced Water Recycling System Reduces Total Dissolved Solids to Levels Below Suggested EPA Secondary Standards for Potable Water WORCESTER, Mass. & MIDLAND, Texas--(BUSINESS ... in the oil and gas industry ...
Badger Meter Reports Second Quarter Results
“We are continuing to pursue opportunities with customers of Elster AMCO Water, LLC, which exited the mechanical water meter business ... gas utilities, municipalities and industrial customers worldwide. Measuring a variety of liquids from water to oil ...
Bilfinger eyes U.S. industrial, energy services targets - CEO
STUTTGART, July 19 (Reuters) - German construction and industrial ... oil and gas sector and could also see rising demand for the refurbishment of ageing power plants. Outside the energy sector, Bilfinger also expects to win more U.S. business ...