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Mag 1 Red Wheel Bearing Grease, 1 lb., NLGI Grade: 2 MG620012
Pro 30 Gallon Gas Fuel Diesel Caddy Transfer Tank Container w/ Rotary Pump Auto
natural gas regulator, Sensus 143-80-2 1" NPT green 5/16
The Oil & Gas Journal Tulsa Oklahoma September 15, 1927
Natural Gas Regulator, Sensus 143-80-2, 3/4"npt
Latest MasTec Buyout Bolsters Oil And Gas Business
MasTec's imprint can be found in everything from electricity transmission systems and wind farms to natural gas pipelines, industrial systems and ... 45% of MasTec's revenue came from the oil, gas and energy sector in 2012, with the remaining ...
Shell Indonesia Eyes Industrial Fuel Market
JAKARTA—PT Shell Indonesia continues to dominate the fuel market for the industrial sector after the mining and agricultural vehicles was banned for using subsidized fuel. PT Shell Indonesia Commercial Fuel Business ... Minister of Energy and Mineral ...
Halliburton Company (HAL), Apache Corporation (APA), Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation (COG): Three Energy Companies Innovating With Natural Gas
With the glut of natural gas in the U.S., domestic companies are exploring different avenues of putting the cleaner-burning fuel to good use. Some, like Cheniere Energy, Inc. (NYSEMKT:LNG), whose Sabine Pass terminal was the first LNG export venture to ...
Biofuels Are Essential to Energy Security, BIO Tells House Energy and Commerce Committee
The fourth white paper examined the goals and achievements of the RFS as part of national energy policy. “In 2012, despite increased domestic oil production and declining gasoline use, the average U.S. household spent $257 more to fuel the family car ...
Study: Oil and gas companies should pay higher royalties
Colorado got $93.2 million as its 50 percent share of federal royalties from oil and gas production public lands in fiscal 2012, but the state could have gotten as much as $55 million more if federal royalty rates were higher, according to a new ...
Fuel Tank Sump FASS AirDog Fuelab Pump Duramax Powerstroke, Diesel, Gas
natural gas regulator sensus 143-80-2 1" npt green spring 3/8 orifice
Natural Gas Regulator, Sensus 143-80-2, 1-1/4"npt
US Military Immersion Liquid Fuel Fired Heater new in the crate
Oil Tricone Drillbit Pendant Keychain Drill Rig Oilfield Trash jewelry sticker
Natural Gas Regulator, Sensus 143-80-2, 1"npt, Green Spring, 5/16"orifice
Vintage Snowmobile Stancan 6.5 Gallon Metal Vented 2-Cycle Gasoline Can #5516
Mud Motor Oilfield Drilling Drill Bit Keychain Jewelry oil pendant pdc & sticker
Natural Gas Regulator, Maxitrol 325-5L, 2 psi Ventless, 1"npt
Natural Gas Regulator, 1", Sensus 143-80-2 BLUE SPRING WITH SHUTOFF VALVE
Natural Gas Regulator, 1"npt, 496-20
Gas Pressure Regulator, Sensus 496-20, 3/4"npt
Tricone Oilfield Drillbit Pendant Keychain Oil drill rig bit well gift sticker
Oilfield Trash Drill Bit Rig Traveling Block hook Keychain Jewelry oil sticker
N Louisiana & S Arkansas Oil & gas fields Geology 1963
Continental Industries Gas Line Hot Tap 2" x 1"
Generac Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 SN Quart Bottle Part# 0J5140 (qt)
Vintage Hughes Tool Co. TriCone Bit Musical Award Lighter
Natural Gas Regulator, Sensus 143-80-2HP, 1"npt
RARE Vintage Hughes Tool 50th Anniversary Tricone Keychain / Watch FOB VT0107
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Gas compressor oil 2pack by Miles Lubricants SB Gas comp ISO 150 semi synthetic
Oil, Gas Geology: New Albany Shale Illinois Circ 518; Limestone, Sandstone
National Oil scouts & Landmen's ass. Oil field development
Oil-Gas,Geology Book: Western Canada Sedimentary Basin; Alberta, Saskatchewan
Gas! the San Juan Basin of New Mexico
natural gas compressor
Oilfield model derrick oil well State of Kansas Black Gold. Ships Free in USA
2 Inch Universal Ammeter 60-0-60 AMP Gauge Meter+ Voltmeter Gauge for Car Boat
Natural Gas Regulator, Sensus 143-80-2, 3/4"npt green 6-14" 3/8 orifice
Precimex 3001 RV Propane Regulator 20" Pigtails T-Fittings Tiny home
FUEL FRAGRANCE 3 Flavors for 33.00
Mid-Atlantic Skid Mounted Water/Oil Treatment and Remediation
NEW Out-of-Box Roth 1000 LH 275 gallon Heating Oil Tank with Dent
Two Vintage Tractor Gas Caps , 1 New Other Used . Both Say Use Clean Fuel
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3M 18.5 Oz. Can Citrus Base Cleaner
Pennzoil PZ-21 Regular Spin-on Oil Filter
Gardner Denver TEE ( GD-125T ) Triplex Pump
Arrow C-46 natural gas engine
4 Plates (maps) of Current Pacific OCS Leasing Area, U.S. dept. of the Int. 1984
2.5 MW Diesel Generator Set
Energy Industries Natural Gas Compressor Skid, Cooler, & Vessels - No Motor
Detroit 16V-149T Diesel Engine
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NLB 10250-1.25 Quintuplex Plunger Pump
Gardner Denver Model TX-375UH ultra high pressure triplex pump
MCKISSICK 50 ton Model 82A well servicing block / hook
24,000 gallon carbon tanks
Cooper superior natural gas 2416 2400kw
Waukesha Natural Gas Engine & Compressor L7042GSI
Joy Compressor
AJAX Compressor
Torque & Test Unit
Oil well oilfield gold pump jack model drill bit keychain sticker gift roughneck
5 Shell Oil Company Exclusive NFL Chicago Bears Sketches by Tanenbaum
Pennzoil PZ-38 Regular Spin-on Oil Filter
Pennzoil PZ-1 Regular Spin-on Oil Filter
Natural Gas Pressure Regulator, Sensus 243-8-2, 2"npt green/blk spr 3/4 orifice
Miscellaneous Gas Compressor
Griffin Compressor
Cooper Superior 16-SGTA
Alfa Laval 418 Hydraulic Centrifuge
MCKISSICK 100 ton Model 73A spring loaded well servicing block / hook
Gardner Denver Model LC-1000 high pressure plunger pump w / 2-1/2" SS fluid end
2007 APV TR9AL M-25 Paraflow Heat Exchanger
Inhibited Electrical Insulating Oil type 2
Fuel Tank Sump FASS AirDog Fuelab Pump Duramax Powerstroke, Diesel, Gas
Electric Motor 50HP
180 gallon BioDiesel Processor
Oberdorfer Oil Pump 26000 Replacement N26HDP Gear Pump
Well Screen: Precision Rugged Oil Well/Water Well 100 Micron HiFlo #XPR2012
Caterpillar Natural Gas 4735HP Engine
Checkfluid Oil Sample Valves
Dresser Roots Gas Meter, 23,000 cfh, 125 psig, 860 kpa, 23M125
Gas Pressure Regulator, Sensus 243-12-2, 2"npt
Natural Gas Regulator, Sensus 243-12-2, 1-1/2"npt
Natural Gas Regulator, Sensus 243-12-2, 2"npt
Natural Gas Regulator, Maxitrol 325-5L600, 5 psi Ventless, 1"npt
Natural Gas Regulator, Maxitrol 325-7L, 2 psi Ventless, 1-1/4"npt
Natural Gas Regulator, Sensus 243-8-2, 2"npt
Natural Gas Regulator, Maxitrol 325-7L, 2 psi Ventless, 1-1/2"npt
Natural Gas Regulator, Sensus 243-8-2, 1-1/4"npt green/black spr 1/2 orifice
Natural Gas Regulator, Sensus 243-8-2, 1-1/4"npt green/black spr 3/4 orifice
Gas Pressure Regulator, Sensus 243-8-2, 2"npt
Arrow Engine Company L-795 65HP natural gas engine New Surplus
G-Tec Natural Gas System Refueler
275 Gallon Maine Oil Tank
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BUSINESS: JPS, consortium sign agreement for supply of natural gas
The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) and a consortium of companies led by Fueling Tech Incorporated (FTI) International Group have entered into an agreement to introduce natural gas at the Bogue power plant in St. James. Other members of the consortium ...
Even as energy use tilts towards natural gas, America still relies on petroleum and coal
The other growing sources of of energy in the US are wind, solar, and geothermal. From 2011 to 2012, Americans derived 190 trillion BTUs more energy from wind power and 77 trillion BTU from solar—increases of 16.2% and 48.7%, respectively. Geothermal ...
Citizens Boosts Natural Gas Efforts
As the price of diesel fuel and gasoline continue to rise, Kinetrex Energy, a subsidiary of Citizens Energy Group, is now open for business and on its way to becoming a leading Midwest provider of liquefied natural gas (LNG). LNG is a clear ...
Fuel Tech Schedules Second Quarter 2013 Conference Call
WARRENVILLE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Fuel Tech, Inc. (NAS: FTEK) , a world leader in advanced engineering solutions for the optimization of combustion systems for utility and industrial customers, announced today that it will issue its financial ...
William Partners to expand natural gas transportation service in US
for the Mobile Bay South III Expansion Project, which is expected to deliver natural gas that will provide service to around one million homes. The project will provide 225,000 dekatherms per day of firm transportation service on the Transco ...
CRC 1-TANK Power Renew® Sets a New Standard in Complete Fuel System Cleaning
Over time, impurities in fuels will cause carbon deposit buildup throughout the fuel system. CRC Product Manager Julie Williams explains, "Those deposits harden on intake valves, piston heads, cylinder walls, injectors and other fuel system components.